यहां वैदिक ज्ञान भण्डार
के कुछ मोती पाइए
Discover here the wealth of Vedic wisdom,
its depth and its grandeur

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Our Books

  • The Smokeless Fire

    It is a thrilling description of what these ancient scriptures, Isha, Kena and Katha Upanishads contain

    East and West Series
  • The Causeless Cause

    This is a wonderful introduction to the world of the Upanishads. It will enlighten anyone who is curious about the nature of the insights of the ancient seers

    Life Positive
  • द कॉसलेस कॉस

    उत्तरा नेरूर्कर बी०टेक० हैं, पर उनका दर्शन अध्ययन-मनन से होकर गुजरता है । सरलतम अंग्रेजी में नए साधकों एवं अध्येताओं के लिए यह अनेक गवाक्ष खोलने वाली पुस्तक है ।

    भव्य भास्कर
  • Uttara Nerurkar

    Uttara, a Chemical Engineer by education, works towards bridging the distance between ancient Vedic texts and modern science. She  believes that both are not contradictory. She is no blinded-by-devotion follower; rather a Vedic scholar of repute

    The New Indian Express
Vaidika Mantras

मानव जाति के ज्ञान का मूल वेद ही हैं । आइए, कुछ अद्भुत वेद-मन्त्रों को जानिए !
Vedas are the fount of all knowledge. Find here some beautiful mantras that contain immeasurable wisdom.

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